The Importance of Greater Baton Rouge Curb Appeal

two – The Importance of Greater Baton Rouge Curb Appeal!



Baton Rouge Real Estate Agent, Glenda Daughety, had published a helpful article on the importance of Curb Appeal with some tips on how to improve your curb appeal to sell that home. Read her entire article here: The Importance of Curb Appeal. Buzz is providing a couple of snippets from her article:

Most potential homebuyers make a decision about a house within the first 30 seconds. For example, simply driving by a well-kept single family home for sale in the Baton Rouge, Prairieville, Denham Springs Louisiana areas is often enough to cause people to pull over and make an immediate call to their realtor. That’s because an inviting exterior promises an inviting interior.”

Tips To Look Out For

Look out for:

Visible mold or mildew on the house, roof, or sidewalks
Outdated exteriors
Yard clutter
Dirty gutters, siding, or windows
Chipped paint
How your home appears at dusk or even at night
Overgrowth in the yard or on the sidewalks
Dead plants or leaf piles
Overly personalized doormats”

Check Glenda’s Blog below!


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