Tremendous Opportunity in Greater Baton Rouge Pre-Foreclosures – Buyer Beware! – Tremendous Opportunity in Greater Baton Rouge Pre-Foreclosures – Buyer Beware!

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Tremendous Opportunity in Pre-Foreclosures – Buyer Beware! This was an email I received today and found the advice helpful!


“Real estate professionals, investors, and others that know a good opportunity when they see one, realize that today’s real estate market holds tremendous potential for helping them to reach their financial goals. If you’re thinking about jumping into this market, it’s important that you do your homework before investing, to ensure that you’re as happy after your purchase as you were before. Here are some pitfalls to avoid if you’re thinking about jumping into today’s market.

Don’t Get Loan Pre-Approval – One of the fastest ways of failing with a pre-foreclosure investment is by having no clear idea of how you’ll close the deal. Lenders want to know that they’re dealing with legitimate buyers. One of the best ways of establishing credibility with the lender in a pre-foreclosure property is to know how much you can spend. This will also allow you to pull the trigger quickly once the lender says it’s a go, which is critically important for lenders that need to move quickly.

Avoid Getting Accurate Comps – Comps – also known as comparative values – are used by potential buyers and lenders in establishing the actual value of a property. If your comparative values are flawed, you might overpay for the property, and not know it until it’s too late. Determining property value is somewhat formulaic; plug in the wrong number and the results are as deeply flawed as any politician.

Invest in High-foreclosure Areas – One of the quickest ways to get in over your head with pre-foreclosures is by investing in high-foreclosure areas. While the prospect of multiple properties in a given neighborhood might have some appeal, a closer examination of the facts shows that this is a bad investment strategy for one very good reason: too many foreclosures can mean that property values are going to decline even more, leaving you in control of a property that is worth less than you paid for it.

Guess at Repair Costs – This sounds like a no-brainer, but some investors have purchased real estate site unseen. With better market conditions, it might have made sense, but in today’s environment, you must know what your repair costs will be. Pre-foreclosures have a higher incidence of deferred maintenance and other repair issues, but in most cases, you can inspect the property prior to making a purchase decision. Take advantage of this opportunity, and accurately estimate repair costs. You’ll be in a better position to make a decision as to whether you want to move forward once you’re armed with the facts.

There are no guarantees when buying pre-foreclosures. This type of investment is relatively simple: Locate pre-foreclosure properties, negotiate a short sale (or other purchase) transaction with the borrower and their lender, close the deal, and either hold it for cash flow and potential appreciation or sell it for a quick profit (assuming you can buy it at a price that permits a fast re-sale at a good price). But to find pre-foreclosures, you need information, the kind you can find at

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